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    Everything else you might need to know about Sharkbanz. If there's anything we missed for you (that's neither included in our SCIENCE nor ABOUT US sections), please don't hesitate to reach out with whatever you need answering:
    Who should wear Sharkbanz?
    Sharkbanz are for anyone who spends time in the ocean, from seasoned watermen to the casual beachgoer. Our patented technology offers convenient protection for man, woman and child in a variety of activities. They are designed to prevent the most common hit and run attacks from the majority of shark species found in shallow coastal waters around the world.

    How many Sharkbanz do I need to wear?
    Worn on your wrist or ankle, one Sharkbanz unit will help reduce the risk. However, wearing two Sharkbanz (one on your ankle; another on your opposite wrist) will increase the overall deterrent field size and thus provide greater coverage – similar to how other safety devices work.

    If only wearing one, we suggest wearing Sharkbanz on your ankle, as the majority of shark bites occur on the ankle and leg areas.

    What is the effective range of Sharkbanz?
    The Sharkbanz deterrent field is approx. 1-2 meters (about 3-6 ft). The unpleasant sensation becomes very intense for a shark at about 1 meter (3 feet), and the field strength increases exponentially each cm/inch closer to the source due to the laws of magnetism.

    The electromagnetic field is increased by your movement, but purposeful movement is not necessary. The simple rhythmic current of the ocean moving you around is enough.

    Will Sharkbanz attract sharks?
    Sharkbanz emit a magnetic field that quickly drops off, so sharks cannot sense it from far away. Once sharks enter this magnetic field range, they can be deterred, as Sharkbanz has shown to over-stimulate their electroreception. For added peace of mind, please know that based on the laws of magnetics, this magnetic field created by Sharkbanz drops off at the inverse cube of the distance from the source, meaning at a distance of 10 feet and beyond, the field is not detectable by even the most sensitive laboratory equipment.

    Do Sharkbanz prevent Great White Shark attacks?
    Great Whites are unique in that they are the only shark that acts as an ambush predator, attacking from a long distance at high speed. There is no effective way to prevent this type of ambush attack. However, Great Whites rely heavily on their electroreception when swimming in open water, and Sharkbanz could effectively deter an investigating Great White.

    Much like other safety devices, such as a bike lights, Sharkbanz reduce the risk -- they do not eliminate the risk altogether. That said, customers in Australia and California have used our products to deter investigative Great Whites. You can read these testimonials on our Reviews page.

    By purchasing Sharkbanz, buyer acknowledges that Sharkbanz are a deterrent to shark interactions and that there is NO GUARANTEE of no shark interactions. We liken Sharkbanz to other safety devices, such as bike helmets and seat belts. They’re intended to reduce the risk of harm, but they cannot protect someone fully, all the time. Instead, they add protection when previously there was none.

    What's the difference between Sharkbanz 2 and the FCS x Sharkbanz POD?

    The FCS x Sharkbanz Pod is designed specifically for surfing and integrates seamlessly with any leash. While just as effective as our staple product, Sharkbanz 2, the FCS x Sharkbanz POD is offered at a more competitive price point because of its surf-specific usage. The POD’s features make it an excellent choice for surf enthusiasts who prioritize cost-effectiveness and discrete use of a shark deterrent while surfing.

    Sharkbanz 2 offers a wider range of applications with its premium silicone band, allowing you to wear it on your ankle or wrist, extending usability to various water sports and activities beyond surfing. The versatility, added convenience, and material costs justify the higher price tag.

    Do Sharkbanz affect other ocean animals?
    Sharkbanz technology has also been known to deter stingrays, but we do not guarantee deterrent results for those wishing to use Sharkbanz as a means to deter stingrays. Sharkbanz do not attract Sharks, nor are they known to be detectable or harm any other ocean creatures such as dolphins, sea turtles, or other fish species.

    I’m going on a shark dive. Should I use Sharkbanz?
    We don’t advise Sharkbanz or other shark deterrents to be used on dives where the goal is to see and interact with sharks. The field can be confusing for the sharks, who are often used to humans and sometimes fed on these dives. Rather than use deterrents, it’s best to be shark smart and heed the advice of professionals on the intricacies of reading shark behavior and interacting with these animals in the wild. Sharkbanz are intended to be used when we don’t want to have shark encounters, and they can be effective at deterring investigative sharks in a variety of situations.

    Will Sharkbanz affect my medical devices such as heart monitor, metal plates, screw, etc?
    If you have metal or medical devices under the skin, always consult with your doctor before purchasing and using Sharkbanz.

    For legal and privacy reasons, we are unable to facilitate the exchange of information between customers and doctors. If your primary physician has any inquiries concerning specifications or gauss details, please instruct them to contact us directly at

    Due to the use of powerful magnetic technology, Sharkbanz can disrupt sensitive electronic equipment such as memory cards, hard drives, etc. if placed within close proximity (less than 60" cm), so it's important to consult with your doctor and medical device manufacturer.

    Will Sharkbanz affect my dive computer, dive compass, or other scuba electronic systems?
    Special care should be taken with Sharkbanz and dive computers with compasses. The two can be used together successfully by ensuring the Sharkbanz is at least 24 inches (60 cm) away from the dive computer. By wearing Sharkbanz on the opposite ankle from the wrist with the dive computer, you can ensure it remains at least 24 inches (60 cm) away.

    Placing your Sharkbanz within 24 inches (60 cm) of the compass will cause the compass to display an inaccurate reading. Dive computers without a compass feature will likely not experience mechanical problems within close proximity of Sharkbanz.

    Avoid direct contact with any sensitive electronics (camera memory cards, hard drives, etc.) and Sharkbanz, especially for prolonged periods of time.

    Can I wear the POD on my wrist or ankle using the velcro FCS pouch (included)?
    No - the POD is not designed to be worn on the wrist or the ankle using the velcro pouch. The (included) FCS velcro pouch is engineered to fit securely to any leash cuff, and the POD can also be stashed in any boardshort pocket or wetsuit key pocket.

    If you want more versatility and the ability to wear a Sharkbanz deterrent on your wrist and/or ankle opposite your leash, then please select our core product, the 'Sharkbanz 2' wearable, which is designed for ocean athletes, divers, beachgoers, wade fishermen, and marine professionals. The soft silicon band and stainless steel clasp are designed with premium materials and are durable and secure.

    Has Sharkbanz Technology been tested on all shark species?
    This technology has been tested on most common predatory sharks, including Bull, Blacktip, Oceanic Whitetip, small Tiger, Nurse, Lemon, Caribbean Reef, and Bonnethead. For more information on species tested, please review our full Research page and its links.

    *Note from our scientistic partners: Official research tests showed that large magnets deterred Nurse sharks (please see research page for more info), but Sharkbanz will not elicit much of a reaction. Nurse sharks are bottom feeders and use their electrical sense much less than most predatory species, instead relying on their keen senses of sight, smell and barbels. They will bite if severely provoked, but are otherwise docile. Do not attempt to “test” Sharkbanz when diving with nurse sharks, as you may provoke the animal.

    Are there shark species which are not deterred by electromagnetic fields like those emitted by Sharkbanz?
    Benthic-based sharks such as wobbegongs (family Orectolobidae) and port Jackson sharks (Heterodontus portusjacksoni) are not deterred by Sharkbanz or electrical shark deterrents, even if placed directly on the animal. Benthic sharks have evolved differently than other predatory shark species like bull sharks and do not respond in the same way to these fields. Benthic species are a minor threat to divers/swimmers, although the wobbegong has been shown to ambush attack swimmers/surfers/divers when unprovoked. Most wobbegong incidents have taken place in NSW, Australia. All cases of wobbegong attacks have resulted in minor injuries with no fatalities.

    What is the depth rating of Sharkbanz?
    Sharkbanz and Sharkbanz 2 do not have any electrical or pressurized components, and Sharkbanz 2 are waterproof tested up to 100M.

    Will Sharkbanz affect my open water swim / triathlon race monitor or timing chip?
    Sharkbanz has been officially approved for use in major competitive swim races such as Rottnest Channel Swim and Port to Pub (Australia). Our technology is not known to interfere with timing chips nor has any issue ever been reported by customers globally.

    If you have outstanding concerns on this question, please contact your race organizers and ask if their timing chips are affected by magnets.

    Do Sharkbanz have batteries?
    No - Sharkbanz do not use batteries and thus do not require charging. They are powered by the magnetic field of the earth and are always "on". As long as the magnetic technology is not exposed to heat over 150°F (65°C) and the chassis is not physically damaged, the Sharkbanz are operational.

    How long will my Sharkbanz Last?
    We stand behind the quality and workmanship of our products, which you'll experience as you open and put on your 'Sharkbanz 2'. The ‘Sharkbanz 2’ product is warrantied against defects resulting from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.

    Note that the ocean is a highly corrosive environment where pressure and salt can cause damage over time. We recommend you replace your 'Sharkbanz 2' product every four (4) years to ensure top-level quality, comfort, and performance.

    Please note that Sharkbanz products should not be exposed to heat over 160°F (70°C), nor at any point should the core chassis be physically damaged or altered. If this occurs, the deterrent technology's effectiveness could be reduced and/or negatively impacted. If you ever encounter any potential issues or concerns about your Sharkbanz, you can always write us at and we will help.

    Does Sharkbanz need to be submerged in the water to deter sharks?
    Yes – In order to generate a consistent and effective deterrent field you want the product underwater whenever possible. Water is a conductor and air is an insulator. An electric field is produced by a shark as it moves through the magnetic field generated by Sharkbanz products. That field is constrained to the water. A shark would be able to detect the deterrent field only when Sharkbanz products are submerged.

    After wearing my Sharkbanz, it appears as if something is leaking out of the chassis…is my Sharkbanz defective?
    No! The magnets are very powerful and all ferritic (iron) particles will stick to the banz and sometimes look like a dark goo. Don’t worry; your Sharkbanz is not leaking, nor is the effectiveness reduced. The best way to clean the particles off is to use a slightly damp or dry towel and smoothly wipe them away.

    Will Sharkbanz fit me? What about my child?
    Sharkbanz are designed to fit on either your wrist or ankle. Sizing the band to your ankle using the instructions found on our Product Care page will allow you to wear in both places. In rare cases, Sharkbanz may not fit. The best way to find out for sure is to measure the circumference of the wrist or ankle with a tape measure. If it’s between 5.5 and 14 inches (14 and 35.5 cm) then you're all set!

    How do I place an order?
    Simple! Go to our store page and simply select the preferred color, add it to your cart, agree to the Disclosure, and follow the payment and shipping instructions on the Checkout page. Once the product is ready to be shipped, you will receive an email notification.

    When will Sharkbanz be in stock and/or shipped to my address?
    Sharkbanz orders to Australia usually ship within 3-4 days. There are occasional restocking periods where orders may take up to 2 weeks to ship. Please refer to the top bar of the home page for notifications about restocking periods.

    I purchased Sharkbanz and don't have any instructions on sizing, care, etc... where do I find this information?
    No worries! Instructions are always available on our Product Care page.

    Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, please see the Regions tab/page of the site.

    Payment and shipping
    Online payment for your Sharkbanz is managed by our highly secure TRUSTe verified system with Shopify, and Sharkbanz packages are handled by the leading carriers, so you can trust in their reliable service.

    Secure ordering and payment options
    TRUSTe has top notch security so rest assured your information is safe. If you can't bear to trust the internet, ask your favorite local surf or sports shop if they carry Sharkbanz. If they don’t, suggest they do! And don’t be afraid to ask us where our closest retail location is to you.

    Returns, Refunds and Warranty
    For important details and directions on these topics, please visit our Return Policy & Warranty page. If you would like a refund for your purchase prior to shipping, please email - If you ordered through, please email us directly for a refund. If you ordered via, or purchased a Sharkbanz through one of our retail partners, please contact them first. If you didn't like your Sharkbanz, we'd love to hear why. Please drop us a line

    Returns will be accepted within 30 days of receipt ONLY if product is unopened. Used products will NOT be accepted. Please note that we will not issue a refund for initial shipping and handling charges, nor do we supply return labels. Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer.

    Packaging and Transport
    Sharkbanz will arrive in special packaging with handy magnetic shielding to decrease the magnetic field put out by the product during transport and storage. Learn more about packaging on our Product Care page. We recommend storing Sharkbanz in its case when not in use to reduce the risk of damaging electronic devices nearby.

    I'm a retailer or distributor and am interested in selling Sharkbanz. Who do I talk to?
    Please email and we will answer your questions!
    Have any other questions? Please contact us at:
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