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    Everything you might need to know about Sharkbanz Fishing. If there's anything we missed though (that's also not included in our Zeppelin product page), please don't hesitate to reach out. We reply within 48 hours.
    -- Please note the Rigging Instructions from your current Zeppelin packaging are outdated. All current Zeppelin best practices are outlined below. --

    What’s the range of the Zeppelin?
    The deterrent field is approximately 1-2 meters. The unpleasant sensation becomes intense for the shark at about 1 meter, becoming exponentially greater each few centimeters closer due to the laws of magnetic induction.

    It's very important your Sharkbanz Fishing device is rigged properly so your catch is within the appropriate position and proximity to the device.

    What's the best way to rig my Zeppelin?
    Visit our Zeppelin Rigging page for the best methods/practices for maximizing effectiveness while minimizing device loss potential. Instructions are easy to follow and the device is simple to use. This is essential reading.

    **The key to success is the placement of the device in relation to your catch.**

    In order to achieve best results, attach the Zeppelin so the device will sit 45-90 cm from the tail of the target fish species. Note: NOT 90 cm from your bait/hook but the distance from the approximate tail location of your catch. Then position the Zeppelin so it will hang 1 meter (90 cm) below the end of your catch.

    Additional: If you are using sinkers in conjunction with your Zeppelin, do not use steel sinkers. Use only lead or zinc sinkers when using the Zeppelin.

    If you're using long leaders, you can create a breakaway knot, so when you fish is hooked, the breakaway is triggered by the pull on the line, sending the Zeppelin down to your catch.

    What knots should I use?
    Normal fishing knots should be used. There are different knots for different applications depending on your geographic location: locked half blood knot, bow line knot, slim beauty knot, uni knot, T-knot, dropper loop knot, etc.

    Are there other methods to effectively use my Zeppelin?
    The Zeppelin is designed to be versatile, and we’re excited about getting our Sharkbanz Fishing products into the hands of skilled and creative fishermen who will come up with all sorts of new ways to effectively deploy it. If you've come up with an effective way to rig the Zeppelin that's different from what you see here, and it's producing good results, then please let us know and film it! We'd love to hear from you at: or via our @Sharkbanz_Fishing instagram messages.
    Who should use Sharkbanz Fishing products?
    Sharkbanz Fishing products are designed for fishermen in both recreational and commercial fishing, depending on your fishing methods, who experience catch, gear, and financial loss due to sharks. Our first and currently only available Sharkbanz Fishing product (the Zeppelin) is intended for bottom fishing methods (recreational and commercial). The Zeppelin utilizes the same simple, effective, and patented magnetic technology as our Sharkbanz wearable products (Sharkbanz 2).

    What is the Zeppelin?
    The Zeppelin is the world's first shark deterrent tackle and the first product in our Sharkbanz Fishing product line known as the Accountant Series, developed specifically for bottom fishing with the purposes of stopping the Taxman. The product has been developed and tested over a two-year period by professionals in the fishing and shark deterrent industry but is the embodiment of the decade’s long research on the use of magnetic technology as an active and effective shark deterrent.

    How does the Zeppelin deter sharks and protect my catch?
    Using patented magnetic technology researched and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, Sharkbanz Fishing tackle overwhelms a shark’s electroreception, creating a highly unpleasant sensation that can stop the ocean’s Taxman in his tracks – protecting your catch, gear, and good time on the water. Sharkbanz Fishing tackle does not harm sharks or repel other fish.

    Will Sharkbanz Fishing products also deter target fish species?
    No! Sharkbanz Fishing only deter shark species because other fish (target) species do not have a sensory organ (ampullae of Lorenzini) that can detect electric fields. Sharks use this 6th sense (electroreception) in order to hunt and navigate the oceans.

    Our Sharkbanz Fishing products utilize compact, weight conscious, and minimal design in order to be mindful of line-shy fish, such as Snapper and Grouper.

    Is the Zeppelin guaranteed to work?
    The Zeppelin is proven shark deterrent technology based on years of research and product testing by marine biologists and the Sharkbanz team (est. 2014). Similar to other tackle gear, there are no outcome guarantees, but when used correctly, the Zeppelin will reduce the occurrence of shark depredation (aka "getting sharked"). Sharkbanz Fishing products can provide fisherman more time to land their catch and reduce catch & gear loss - offering new opportunities to bottom fish in areas previously unimaginable due to aggressive and conditioned sharks.

    It’s important that you still diligently land your fish. Don’t simply let it hang out in a sharky area. Letting your catch soak may result in loss of gear and target fish. Keep it moving and land your fish! Longer fight times may allow shark habituation to occur. If positive results diminish, relocation may be necessary.
    How many Zeppelins do I need to use?
    As our testing videos evidence, the use of one (1) Zeppelin can deter sharks (even multiple sharks), when rigged correctly.

    However, depending on your line weight, bottom fishing method, and target fish species, if you are able to attach two (2) Zeppelins to your line, so you have one unit placed 15-25" cm above your catch, and a second unit also placed 45-60" cm below the tail of your catch, then you will increase the effectiveness and deterrent field. However, if you are using multiple Zeppelins, you do not want them to stick to one another. This will cause tangling and diminished product effectiveness.

    Does the Zeppelin use batteries or require charging?
    No - all Sharkbanz products are active shark deterrents, meaning they are "always on". This reliability is thanks to their patented magnetic technology.

    What is the Zeppelin's depth rating?
    The Zeppelin is designed to work in all depths.

    How long will my Zeppelin last?
    As long as your Sharkbanz Fishing device is not exposed to heat over 55°C and the chassis is not physically damaged, then the magnetic technology will not lose its effectiveness. If there is a problem with your Zeppelin, please let us know at

    Is the Zeppelin environmentally friendly?
    Yes! We strategically used biodegradable PLA in the construction of our Sharkbanz Fishing products, and our products will not harm any ocean creatures.

    Why is the Zeppelin product case so heavy (0.9kg)?
    The case your Zeppelin product arrives in from is a magnetically shielded case for safe transport, shipping, and storage. When you're not using your Zeppelin, you should store it in its protective case.

    Can I store my Zeppelin in my fishing tackle box?
    We recommend storing your Sharkbanz Fishing device in its protective (magnetically shielded) case when not in use. Be very mindful that your Zeppelin utilizes powerful magnetic technology and can attract other metal objects commonly found on boats such a hooks, knives, etc.

    If you are using / handling multiple Sharkbanz Fishing products, be very mindful of their attraction to one another. We don't want you to pinch your finger. Be careful when letting small children play with the products. They’re fun to handle but caution should be exercised.

    Will Sharkbanz Fishing deter all shark species?
    Sharkbanz Technology has elicited avoidance behavior in all of the following species: Bull, Sandbar, Lemon, Blacktip, Bronze Whaler, Grey Reef, Milk, Speartooh, Oceanic Whitetip, Hammerhead, Tiger, and Great White. The results from our Sharkbanz Technology study on Bull Sharks, proving its effectiveness, were quantified and verified by an independent third-party analysis group at the prestigious School of Coastal Environment Department of Marine Science at Coastal Carolina University.

    *Note from our scientistic partners: Official research tests showed that large magnets deterred Nurse sharks (please see research page for more info), but Sharkbanz will not elicit much of a reaction. Nurse sharks are bottom feeders and use their electrical sense much less than most predatory species, instead relying on their keen senses of sight, smell and barbels. They will bite if severely provoked, but are otherwise docile. Do not attempt to “test” Sharkbanz when diving with nurse sharks, as you may provoke the animal.

    Can I use my Zeppelin for spearfishing?
    The current product is not optimized for spearfishing and protecting your catch, but you could deploy your Zeppelin (using a carabiner) down the line in order to better assist your efforts to safely get your catch and self to surface.

    Additionally, our current wearable Sharkbanz 2 product is worn by many spearfishermen around the world in order to reduce the risk and also protect their catch. See our Reviews page for more info from the spearfishing community on its use and effectiveness.

    How has the Zeppelin been tested?
    In conjunction with members of Recfishwest, Western Australia's largest recreational fishing organization, research and product testing was completed in December 2019, proving the effectiveness of Sharkbanz Fishing products when used in bottom fishing methods - helping fishermen land fish in areas too sharky and problematic. The results of this testing project are available here and conclude the devices exhibited an 84% reduction in hooked fish lost to sharks, compared to local daily depredation (sharked) averages.

    Additionally, the products have been tested and used effectively in the Florida Keys by world renowned charter captains, Capt. Billy Delph and Capt. Chris Mendola.
    Does the Zeppelin affect other ocean animals?
    Sharkbanz Technology has also been known to deter stingrays, but we do not guarantee deterrent results for those wishing to use Sharkbanz as a means to deter stingrays. Sharkbanz do not attract sharks, nor are they known to be detectable or harm any other ocean creatures such as dolphins, sea turtles, or other fish species.

    Will Sharkbanz affect my medical devices such as heart monitor, metal plates, screw, etc?
    If you have metal or medical devices under the skin, always consult with your doctor before purchasing and using Sharkbanz.

    For legal and privacy reasons, we are unable to facilitate the exchange of information between customers and doctors. If your primary physician has any inquiries concerning specifications or gauss details, please instruct them to contact us directly at

    Due to the use of powerful magnetic technology, Sharkbanz can disrupt sensitive electronic equipment such as memory cards, hard drives, etc. if placed within close proximity (less than 60" cm), so it's important to consult with your doctor and medical device manufacturer.

    Will Sharkbanz affect my boat equipment or other electronic equipment?
    Special care should be taken with Sharkbanz Fishing tackle and sensitive boating equipment with compasses. If outside of its protective case, please ensure your Zeppelin is at least 60" cm distanced from your boat's GPS / compass equipment.

    Placing your Zeppelin within 60" cm of the compass will cause the compass to display an inaccurate reading.

    Avoid direct contact with any sensitive electronics (camera memory cards, hard drives, etc.) and Sharkbanz Technology, especially for prolonged periods of time.

    Will Sharkbanz attract sharks?
    Sharkbanz emit a magnetic field that quickly drops off, so sharks cannot sense it from far away. Once sharks enter this magnetic field range, they can be deterred, as Sharkbanz has shown to over-stimulate their electroreception. For added peace of mind, please know that based on the laws of magnetics, this magnetic field created by Sharkbanz drops off at the inverse cube of the distance from the source, meaning at a distance of 3 meters and beyond, the field is not detectable by even the most sensitive laboratory equipment.

    How do I place an order?
    Simple! Go to our store page,Add to Cart’, and follow the payment and shipping instructions on the Checkout page. Once the product is ready to be shipped, you will receive an email notification.

    When will the Zeppelin be in stock and/or shipped to my address?
    Due to COVID-19 international shipping delays, the Zeppelin will be ready to ship to customers sometime in late February or early March, 2021.

    Inventory is limited so order now.

    After using my Zeppelin, it appears as if something is leaking out of the device…is my Zeppelin defective?
    No! The magnets are very powerful and all ferritic (iron) particles will stick to the Zeppelin and sometimes look like a dark goo. Don’t stress - your Sharkbanz Fishing tackle is not leaking, nor is the effectiveness reduced.

    The Zeppelin did not work. What should I do?
    Check rigging and ensure the device is properly positioned. This is critical. Determine if your fight time could have been shorter. If an area has too many predatory aggressive sharks present, then it’s likely best to relocate. The Zeppelin cannot provide full blanket protection in all settings. Sharks are wild animals and not all behave the same.

    Do you ship Sharkbanz Fishing internationally?
    The Zeppelin is available in the United States via and in Australia via

    Payment and Shipping:
    Online payment for your Sharkbanz is managed by our highly secure TRUSTe verified system with Shopify, and Sharkbanz packages are handled by the leading carriers, so you can trust in their reliable service.

    Secure Ordering and Payment Options:
    TRUSTe has top notch security so rest assured your information is safe. If you can't bear to trust the internet, ask your favorite tackle shop if they will carry Sharkbanz Fishing products.

    Returns, Refunds and Warranty:
    For important details and directions on these topics, please visit our Return Policy & Warranty page. If you would like a refund for your purchase prior to shipping, please email - If you ordered through, please email us directly for a refund. Returns will be accepted within 30 days of receipt ONLY if product is unopened. Used products will NOT be accepted.

    Please note that we will not issue a refund for initial shipping and handling charges. Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer.

    I'm a retailer or distributor and am interested in selling Sharkbanz Fishing. Who do I talk to?
    Please email and we will answer your questions!
    Have any other questions? Please contact us at
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