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    Important and useful information on how to properly care for your Sharkbanz
    Now that you've opened the Sharkbanz box, you're probably thinking it's a little long. Don't worry, we designed Sharkbanz to fit everyone from Cindy Lou Who to Big Foot. Here's what to do:
    • Buckle the Sharkbanz around your ankle securely but comfortably. Not too tight, not too loose. The Logo can face up or down, whichever feels more comfortable for each person, but the Logo side of the band should be on the outside of the ankle.
    • Count 5 holes out from the buckle on the long end of the band*.
    • Take a pair of household scissors (or sharper) and cut along the notched line after the 5th hole. Do this carefully to maintain the cleanest line possible.
    • Now your Sharkbanz should be appropriately sized to fit your ankle and wrist without too much excess band hanging off.
    • Discard the excess band in the trash. We thought long and hard about the environmental impact of this, and after analyzing the manufacturing process, discovered that making multiple sizes would have resulted in exponentially more waste than our current sizing solution. In addition, the carbon footprint created by all the transportation required to deal with returns for customers who need to switch sizes would be considerable. We are continuing to innovate this part of the Sharkbanz design for future versions.

    *For surfers, swimmers and divers who consistently wear a wet suit, make sure to do this with your wetsuit on. Think of it like a watch; some people prefer to wear the watch under their wetsuit, some on top. This is a personal preference for fit, just make sure you take it into account before cutting off too much of the band.
    To ensure the longevity of your Sharkbanz, please follow these instructions:

    • Wash thoroughly with fresh water after use. Salt water and sand will corrode pretty much anything over time.
    • Dry and return to the Sharkbanz box.
    • You may notice very fine ferrous (iron) particles stuck to your Sharkbanz as it pulls them from the sand. This occurrence is perfectly natural and OK. Your Sharkbanz is not "leaking" nor damaged. These can simply be brushed off with a little elbow grease.
    • DO NOT STORE IN CAR. Temperatures can get too hot in a car and cause damage your Sharkbanz.
    To protect sensitive electronics and your Sharkbanz, please follow these instructions:

    • Don't throw away the Sharkbanz box! We constructed it with durable materials and special magnetic shielding as a storage box for your home and on the go.
    • Keep your Sharkbanz in the box whenever possible to protect electronic devices and the band. You will notice a significant difference in the presence of the magnetic field when the Sharkbanz is inside vs. outside the box. Enjoy playing around with the magnet, but be careful! We are not responsible for any harm caused to other devices or people.
    • Store your Sharkbanz and the box out of direct sunlight and DO NOT STORE IN CARS, as heat over 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) will damage the magnetic tech.
    For all the travelers out there who plan to bring their Sharkbanz on an airplane, please read:

    • Sharkbanz should be kept in the box while traveling to protect electronic devices in your bags.
    • The magnetic shielding in the box will protect electronic devices in your luggage. Always do your best to separate the Sharkbanz box from electronics, but almost anything will be safe in the presence of the reduced magnetic field. If you are concerned about a specific device, please email and we will answer your question.
    • The TSA will not give you trouble over your Sharkbanz. We have traveled to different countries and throughout the US with them and had no issues thus far. This goes for checked and carry on bags.
    Did we miss something? Confused? Drop us a line at and we'll help you out right away.