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    Our most up-to-date instructions, tips from the pros, and strategies to maximize the effectiveness and versatility of your Zeppelin. We encourage all buyers/users of the product to review this information, share with others, and reach out to our team with any suggestions/feedback of their own.
    INSTRUCTIONS NOTICE: Retail (cardboard) and Online (hard case) Zeppelin Packaging Instructions are outdated. Updated Rigging Information is Below
    **IMPORTANT**: Your natural inclination may be to place the Zeppelin directly next to your catch. When bottom fishing, placing the Zeppelin directly next to your catch will NOT yield the best results. You want the Zeppelin below your catch.
    The inline method is a traditional way to rig your Zeppelin that ensures it's always present. We recommend using a 3-way swivel so the Zeppelin can easily hang below your catch, but this method works very well in a classic paternoster rig setup as well.
    • Attach the Zeppelin so the device will sit 45-90 cm from the tail of your target fish species. **DO NOT place the Zeppelin simply 45-90 cm below your bait/hook. You need to visualize more space between your catch and the device.
    • We recommend using a 3-way swivel so the Zeppelin can easily swing below your catch after hookup.
    • The Zeppelin's compact design minimizes drag and can be used to replace your sinker, especially in a classic paternoster rig setup. If you use a sinker, it's best to rig with lighter test so it can breakaway on the bottom.
    Watch the pros at Tackle World outline best practices for the inline method using a paternoster rig set up.
    Click to Zoom. Zeppelin Inline Method Diagram courtesy of our parters at Tackle World. Easy to rig and effective.
    METHOD #2 - Deployment
    The deployment method maximizes effectiveness while minimizing the potential for device loss. Many anglers have created multiple Zeppelin deployment lines so they can easily add a Zeppelin to new rigs with longer/shorter leaders.
    • Rig the Zeppelin to a separate "deployment" line, preferably with heavier test or wire trace.
    • Follow the Zeppelin measurement formula to determine the appropriate length of your deployment line: Length of Bait Leader + Estimated Size of Catch + 1 Meter.
    • Ensure you have the proper stopper in place so the swivel or carabiner catches as it slides down. We recommend a small lead, bead, or larger swivel.
    • Use a snap (coast) swivel or carabiner to clip the deployment line to your main line.
    • You can hold the Zeppelin while you wait or rest it in a nearby rod holder.
    • When you hook up, deploy the zeppelin and fight your fish to the surface. Depending on depth, you can add additional weight to the deployment line. Outrigger weights recommended, or simply zip-tie lead to the Zeppelin.
    Watch the pros at Tackle World outline best practices for the deployment method and why it's so effective.
    Click to Zoom. Zeppelin Deployment Method Diagram courtesy of Tackle World. Effective and minimizes loss.
    For both methods, you can use the...

    Leader Length + Estimated Size of Catch + 1 Meter
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    Q: How do I prevent break offs?

    Easy. To prevent losing the Zeppelin to a snag, rig a lead below the device on lighter test. That way, the lead will break off on the bottom structure and you won’t lose the Zeppelin. If you are using sinkers in conjunction with your Zeppelin, do not use steel sinkers. Use only lead or zinc sinkers when using the Zeppelin due to its magnetic properties.

    You can also use heavier wire or cable to attach the Zeppelin in Methods #1 (Inline) or #2 (Deployment).

    Q: Are there other ways to rig the Zeppelin for Bottom Fishing?

    You bet. There are many variations on the two methods we've outlined here, but these two methods overall will yield the best success rate for bottom fishing.
    If you've come up with an effective way to rig the Zeppelin that's different from what you see here, and it's producing good results, then please let us know and film it! We'd love to hear from you at:
    connect@sharkbanz.com or via our @Sharkbanz_Fishing instagram messages.

    Q: Can I use my Zeppelin for Pelagics and topwater fishing?

    The Zeppelin is specifically designed for Bottom Fishing methods, which is where your best results will be for its use. We encourage fishermen to experiment with rigging based on the weight, deterrent field range, and design of the Zeppelin, but please be aware that trialing/rigging the Zeppelin in any way outside of the methods described here for Bottom Fishing may not produce desired results.

    Q: I have additional Zeppelin questions. Where are more answers?

    Visit our Sharkbanz Fishing FAQ page where we outline and update answers to a large variety of questions about the technology, product, rigging, etc.